Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tampa Bound! What Romney Must Do... *wink*wink*

2012 Race to the White House = Slime Ball Politics

All roads, trails, highways and back alley-ways lead to Tampa Florida for the coronation of Willard Mitt Romney as the official 2012 Republican Presidential candidate.  

His final push to the White House will actually begin in earnest on day-1 of the convention. And––remember you heard it here first–––"he will need to bathe 10x per day through Inaugural Day 2013... in bleach and Ajax soap to get rid of the stench and for what he will have to say and do to counter the onslaught of negativity needed to win this election".  

He can forget the gentleman's-rules-of-engagement customarily used in the political arena. Nope! He had better be prepared to engage in brass-knuckles-street-fighting where the last man standing takes it all!

President Barack Obama's team will indeed bring a gun to this knife fight.  And if Romney doesn't think that team Obama plans to do to him exactly what TourĂ©  was directed to introduce to the general public on MSNBC last week... "Niggerize him" where he won't even recognize his former self when it's all over... then he is in for a new awakening.

Yes... the final slimy, sewage-filled distance to the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is ON!  

Romney would do himself, and the nation, a favor by putting his crisp, Oxford button-down shirt, every hair in place, blue-blood, all-American-boy image in a box for the next two months.  Yep! He should wrap his mind NOW around  becoming the punch-throwing, no holds barred, in-Yo-face, one-line-Zinger-delivering, take-no-prisoners, smack-down-Kings in the persons of Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump!  

Wink*Wink*: That's if he really plans to take back the White House... and save this nation!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Romney vs Obama: The Optics Say It All!

Everyone knows that in today's culture... optics/ eyeballs/what-you-see-as-the-backdrop says it all.

So, here you have two men: President Barack Obama and Presidential-hopeful, Mitt Romney, pictured above.

Both of them stage visits to the SAME region of the nation (breadbasket America) within a five day period.

Both take pictures to present their image/vision of what America will look like the next four years depending on which one of them win the election in the Fall.

Okay.  So look at Mitt Romney's photo.  They capture him in the midst of green cornfields. Wow! Where in the heck did he find green cornfields in the midst of this horrible drought???

His walking through the fields with a yellow corn cob in his hand optically says: growth, new life, abundance, fresh harvest and a vibrant United States of America is on the horizon if you pick me.

Now look at President Obama. Standing up talking/speechifying behind a lectern. What was his  team thinking about??

By placing him in front of a dry, parched, dying, withered cornfield says to the American people: barrenness, unproductiveness, no future, life.less.ness, and a dead, bleak America if you re-elect me.

If I were Romney, I would run these photos as a campaign ad everyday through November 2012... with this one sentence caption:

Romney vs Obama: The Optics Say It All!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Romney Ticket Needs Bling-Bling: Jindal Or Rubio UPDATE! RYAN GETS NOD AS VEEP

It's official!  Gov. Mitt Romney taps Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to round out the 2012 Presidential ticket.
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• In this reality television dominated age, all eyes (and bets) are focused on who Republican presumptive Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, will pick for his running mate.

Don't look for Governor Romney––who comes across as a boring  meat-n-potatoes type of guy––to make a bold, radical choice such as a Sarah Palin.  So I would mark both Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina off the list.

Well... let's see.  I personally haven't seen (m)any African-American surrogates out visibly stumping across the nation for him. And, few Blacks can be found in his inner decision-making campaign circle nor on his website.  Consequently, it would be safe to say that Secretary Condi Rice won't be getting any calls to join the ticket.

The biggest elephant in the room is that the Republican party––which has been accused of being non-inclusive of other races... and the party of rich, out-of-touch white people––should encourage Romney NOT to play into the hands of that tried-and-true Democratic racism mantra. 

But, if he selects any of the three cookie-cutter white males: Sen. Rob Portman, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Rep. Paul Ryan, or even the risky choice of Gov. Chris Christie, Romney and the GOP can look for race, racism, and an apartheid-focused atmosphere/chatter that will resemble the 1960s, to take over the duration of this campaign, and the nation. 

So if anyone from the Romney camp should happen to read my humble little blog... I suggest he selects either Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana or Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.  Both men have burnished conservative creds acceptable to the TEA Party wing of the GOP. Both come from minority backgrounds, making them attractive to the diversity seeking, broad-tent loving Independents (who will decide this race). 

And lastly, both Jindal and Rubio would bring just enough bling-bling to the Romney ticket to galvanize the current unexcited Republican base to turn out in masse in November.  

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