Monday, January 30, 2012

GOP: Let's Keep This Ball A 'Rollin!

Can you believe, my old blog site: has disappeared from the world wide web. Poof...Gone!  But no need for alarm. My SOUL VOICEWill.Not.Be.Silenced!!!  Please note my new blog website Vivian Berryhill Soul Voice. Tell others that I may have a new site look, but I have not changed. I will still post in-your-face commentary regarding Democrats, Republicans, Blacks, Whites, Latinos... whoever. 

Now, we have a critical election about to take place in this country.  As a matter of fact, this election is probably the most important one of our time, and we need all voices making the case leading up to November 2012.  

The Florida Republican Primary is scheduled for tomorrow.  The stakes are high––as this is a winner takes all primary.  I don't know Governor Mitt Romney... but I do know Speaker Newt Gingrich, personally.  He is a long-time friend. And, where I come from, friendships matter!

Voters in Florida have a chance to keep this primary battle alive.  A vote for Newt extends the democratic process and keeps the vetting of the candidates: Romney, Santorum, Paul and Gingrich, as an option for future voters in the South, the West, the Mid-West––who deserve to have our votes registered as well. 

Say what you will about Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who... I'm not a fan of...but she made a valid point recently on Fox News when she said:

"if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for Newt; annoy a liberal, vote Newt. Keep this vetting process going, keep the debate going".

Old Sarah may not have said this as eloquently as some others might have, but she is right on the money!  We have only had three... "3"... states to participate in this 2012 primary process.  And, we have had three different winners in each contest.  If the "powers that be" are allowed to crown Governor Romney the 2012 nominee before the South gets its say during Super Tuesday, then America will be no better than any other third world, dictator-controlled country.

So, Republicans in Florida, the ball is in your court.  Get out and vote tomorrow for Newt and let's keep this ball a rollin!

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