Thursday, October 18, 2012

American Women Choose A Hubby... Er.. President: Mitt

During the past 12-weeks, I have had the opportunity to travel from California to Connecticut; and from New Orleans to Chicago. 

I've talked to thousands of women during this period... from various walks of life and who represent varying political persuasions.  And the one common and consistent meme that prevails is that Gov. Mitt Romney is gaining momentum among women.   Let me just call it like I see it: there is a quiet––but earth-shattering––shift among young, white, (and yes... middle aged African American females) toward the Romney camp. 

Say what you will... but the main reason for this uptick in support among women is that women want and need 'stability'!  And, quite frankly, Mitt Romney presents a more stable demeanor than President Obama. 

Sure, women are attracted to the cool guy... the fast talking liar, who says all the right stuff to make you feel good.  And yes, women like the notion of life in the fast lane, and the excitement of living with "Mr. Risk-taker"... and the fun times he brings for the moment.  

But at the end of the day... and when it's time to make that grown-up decision that will affect our long-term future... women will generally choose a Mr. Meat-and-Potatoes, nerdy, bore... who will pay the bills and keep the lights on such as a Mitt Romney... over a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants-wing-it-one-day-at-a-time-no-decisive-plan-having-man such as Barack Obama.

President Obama was a great one-nite stand... a daring flirtatious fling that Americans can look back at with either disgust or through the eyes of nostalgia (depending on how good or bad he has made your life these past four years).

But the prevailing wisdom is that it's time to move on! Americans are looking for a real husband now.  One who will lead this nation back to greatness!  

It's no secret that when women ( yes...even those who are declared feminist) look for a husband... they look for someone tried and true, who will love them, protect them, who won't criticize them in the public, who will support them financially and most of all... won't blatantly tell them bold-faced lies.. and who will keep their commitment to their vows.  

So as voters across this nation have said to me in the past few weeks that while they like Barack Obama... many will vote for Mitt Romney.  Why?  Because he is someone who is tried and true, who is more likely to love and protect America, who won't criticize this nation in the public or in front of our enemies, who will bring us back from the fiscal cliff and most of all... will keep his commitment to his vows to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America! 


  1. Not only is Mitt a man of character, but being a GREAT businessman, America KNOWS Obama was a mistake. Promoted by our Media and a brain washed public got a no-talent fool all the way to President of the USA.
    America KNOWS now it was a mistake to elect Obama and soon, a few weeks we will elect a REAL leader.

  2. Great Article and contrary to popular media outlets, there is no mistaking where the blame rests..which begs the question: How does the most powerful man in the free world, SQUANDER it away in a matter of months? For two years, few O worshippers were paying much attention to his Failed Policies, yet he brought things to light when he decided to double down on the deceit.


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