Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Nation Needs YOU...Join Me As We Pray For America! UPDATE: No I Will "NOT" Spend Prayer Time Bashing President Obama!!!

UPDATE:  For those who read the Commercial Appeal story about my appearance at the prayer event in Washington, DC... and... who have sent me emails asking me NOT to bash President Obama during my prayer. Please note I wouldn't do that, as I respect the Office of the President.   

Also, as a matter of fact I don't dislike President Obama....   Truth be known, I pray for him and all of our elected leaders every day.    Just recently, I received a prestigious national Volunteer Service Award, with a letter signed from the President,  for our work and support to HIV/AIDS, the obesity/nutrition program, and other health related efforts.

And... even though I'm a lifelong Republican... no, I will not be praying for Obama's  defeat during this time of prayer. Neither will I use this opportunity that God has given me to pray in the solemn Statuary Hall to bring politics to His throne of grace. 
I take my relationship with Yashua, Jesus the Christ, very seriously. I will use this God appointed time on Capitol Hill to pray for this nation––lest we fall into the hands of an angry God. 

For those who choose not to read my blog from hence forward, I respect your decision.  We can still be friends... as I have no beef with anyone.  
But please know that when President Obama or the Bushes or Governor Romney et al, do things that are not reflective of the confidence the American people have placed in them... then it is the responsibility of people like me––and those in the media––to call them out on it and hold them account. Regardless of their creed or color, as these public servants work. for. us.   


May 8, 2012 • 5:15 PM ET

 The bad news: America is in trouble... and neither government, nor either political party can help us.   

The Good news: With YOUR assistance our sovereign God can bring us through these difficult times... if  He will.

As members of Congress gather on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 for this historic event to honor the 223rd inaugural anniversary of George Washington as President of the United States, I am asking that you, your family, your church or prayer group, please join with us as we pray for God’s blessing and His grace on our nation.

Thanks to the Christian Broadcasting Network you will be able to take part in this powerful and historic prayer gathering taking place in Statuary Hall in our nation’s Capitol, as it is webcast live at

Special guests include Congressman Louie Gohmert, Dr. Jim Garlow, Dr. Alveda King, Bishop Harry Jackson, Dr. Doug Stringer, Dr. Tony Perkins, Historian David Barton, Vivian Berryhill, Penny Nance, and singers Collin Raye and Sulena Breland.

Would you please take time and forward this blog link to others in your sphere of influence, post it on Facebook, and share the news in every way you can.  We want this prayer event to go viral as we pray to God to save this nation!

But more importantly, would you please join with other fellow Americans... as we come together to pray together as a nation... on this special occasion. 

From Your House to The People’s House.

Thank you, Vivian Berryhill

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