Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did Poland's Foreign Minister Call Our President Ignorant???

Forget about showing Americans his original "birth certificate"... it's time for President Barack Obama to release his college transcripts to the world––if for no other reason than to redeem himself, and the voters of the United States, as the world laughs at us all as a result of his latest historical faux pas.  

Quite an embarrassing moment occurred during the recent ceremony to honor and bestow the highest medal in our nation, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to Jan Karski.  While heaping praise on this former Polish anti-Nazi  officer who snuck behind enemy lines to give first-hand accounts of the Holocaust activities against the Jews, President Obama referred to the Nazi facility––which was used by Hitler and his minions to process Jews for execution–––as a "Polish death camp." 

Geesh!  Who is in charge of proof-reading the President's speeches before they are placed in the teleprompter???  
Anyway, taking to his tweeter account, Poland's Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski tweeted: 

"It’s a pity that this important ceremony was upstaged by ignorance and incompetence.”

What a glaring, international boo-boo... to say the least!  Well, the way I see it... this can be rectified, and so can what's left of his––and the United States of America's––global reputation,  if Obama authorizes the immediate release of his Occidental and Harvard transcripts.  

By releasing his records, this will show those nay-sayers, skeptical world leaders, our allies, friends, enemies ...and the American people that he is... as the Lame-stream media asserts... the 'smartest' man-to-date to evah occupy the Oval Office.  

So, we need to urge the President to do the right thing and release his school records... post haste.  Short of that,  Poland's Sikorski's words: "ignorant and incompetent" will be left to stand, and forever define Obama... and our nation for years to come.

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