Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dude! Booing God?? For Real?

Idol Worshipping!  A 25-foot sand sculpture of President Barack Obama.

There is a major disconnect in this nation!  First off... what's up that our sovereign God is removed from the official Democratic platform statement? For real???  And then (after realizing that removal of God from the statement was political suicide) the powers that be called for a vote to insert the language back into their public position statement, only to be met with resistance and loud "BOOs" from the Democratic crowd.  And on national television???

So... just how long will Americans have to wait for a public outcry against this blasphemy from our Bishops, Reverends, Elders, Ministers, Clergy, Pastors, Faith Leaders?  Yes, those same ones who came out and overwhelmingly endorsed this administration's gay marriage position less than three months ago???  

God is listening!!!   **Crickets**

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