Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh NO! Gingrich Unleashes Vince Haley As New Campaign Chair

Vince Haley
As usual, the main stream media spends its time parroting presidential aspirant, Speaker Newt Gingrich's, recent announcement to reduce his campaign staff by one-third and narrow his focus on those goals which he hopes will carry him on to the GOP Convention in Tampa in August.  But because many of today's journalists are so lazy and don't know how to go a step further ... they've missed the huge story.

So, here is the big news in this whole transition: who Newt tapped as the new man in charge of the Gingrich 2012 election ship, Vince Haley––who replaces Michael Krull. 

Now believe me, Haley, is a piece of work! 

Best known for his keen ability to "think outside the Washington, D.C. beltway box" and... for not being afraid to verbalize and implement his unconventional–– often radical ideas––Haley, without a doubt was the quiet boots-on-the-ground, mastermind of Gingrich's South Carolina primary win. 

No one in America (including former community organizer, Barack H. Obama, nor Karl Rove of the Bush administration) does grassroots strategising as effectively as Vince Haley. Don't let the youth of Haley fool you... he is a prolific writer and one of the best opposition researchers in politics today.  

His uncanny ability to draft strategic plans that include layers-upon-layers of variables and options, and also his nonchalant style of incorporating matrixes of plans A's and B's within any given strategic plan... makes him a force to be reckoned with.  

Haley has long been considered one of Newt's coveted secret weapons. Cloaked in an unassuming, boy-next-door persona, Vince Haley's behind-the-scenes hardball tactics have disarmed many in the political field... often catching off-guard those who have discounted his abilities. Consequently, by the time it has been realized that he has seized control of the political debate and has forever altered the trajectory of the moment  ... it's too late! 

So... for Gingrich to unleash Haley at this stage of the political process indicates Newt has only just begun to fight.

Indeed, young Haley is one to watch... as he is sure to bring his signature "David & Goliath, hit-'em-and-kill-'em" political game plan that presents meaningful, thought-provoking issues which are sure to have Americans' tongues wagging. He has the skills to take Gingrich's flailing campaign to a whole new level, and finally, he will offer hard-hitting push backs, unlike Senator John McCain's wimpy responses back in 2008, to assure the American public that the truth gets out.  

Nope... Haley will research President Obama's talking points and policies to the 'empth' degree for accuracy and take it straight to the President in a way that won't be pretty!  

*Pop the popcorn. Game.ON!*



  1. Thank you God! Newt is my only hope for America!

  2. Smart Man! Newt POTUS 2012 here we come RNC!!!

  3. Amen! Go get Goliath, NEWT.

  4. Rock on Newt-you still have lots of support!! God bless you.

  5. Let's hope he wasn't behind the Bain Capital debacle, which was where Newt began to come off the rails, or wasn't part of the messaging collapse following Romney's media blitz. If he was part of the SC win then how does *this* engine pull Newt out of his tailspin?

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    1. Newt has greater appeal to the REGULAR REPUBLICANS who outnumber the East Coast Establishment Republicans (once called Rockefeller Republicans) that tried to also block Ronald Reagan from wining the Presidency, today they are the same people, just with more money, more technology and more nasty negative tv ads and suppression tactics. You can not SUPPRESS YOUR VOTER BASE to win the White my opinion, this leaves only one candidate who can utterly defeat Obama: That Candidate is Newt Gingrich because is the only one with Calm, PROVEN ACCOMPLISHMENTS, Of Experienced Leadership...the rest do not have that. The rest can not come up with 5 accomplishments, say nothing of 10 major accomplishments, which NEWT can do because he has DONE SO, the Reagan Revolution would never have happened with NEWT. These Regular Republican Delegates at the convention realize this, and will not follow the Eastern Establish Republicans off the cliff like Lemmings into the Sea....on the 2nd Ballot they will vote NEWT at the Tampa Republican National Convention this August.

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