Thursday, October 25, 2012

Des Moines Depicts Obama As An Angry Black Man

Oooops!  Obama's mask has finally come all the way off!

First of all, the President of the United States calling his challenger a Bull****er in a national magazine reduced the prestigious Office of President to gansta status!

But the clincher here... and it looks like the Des Moines Register is the first media outlet with the guts to put it front and center on the cover of its newspaper, is that Obama has finally revealed himself to be what every white person in America detests: an A(ngry) B(lack) M(an).   

Yes... Americans have been whispering in the back rooms about it for the past few weeks, and the women voters have noticed it for sometime now... which is the reason many are flocking in droves to support the Romney/Ryan ticket.  

You've got to hand it to The Register.  Their depiction of Obama as an ABM was subtly done, as not to be accused of being RAAAACIST... but the message was clear to all who went online to see this:

The President's angry and bitter character became most apparent during the recent debates... and has since metastasized to down-right 'thug' behavior. Perhaps it's because his internal polling numbers surely reflect that the bloom has come off his rose.  And that Americans have had enough of him.

But Mr. Obama only has himself to blame.  Having been raised in an all white home all his life, hanging around white people all of his life, dating white women most of his life... he knows all too well that white people will not tolerate, support or vote-for an A(ngry) B(lack) M(an).  Nada! Nope! No way!

So, on November 7th––when Mitt Romney wins this election in a landslide as momentum now indicates––Mr. Axelrod and his team need only to study the Des Moines Register's front page... noting the contentious, meany face of President Obama pictured above, in contrast to happy-faced, mild mannered, non-threatening Mitt Romney's face. 

And that will be the reason of 'why' and how he will have lost this election.

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