Friday, April 20, 2012

RomBama: Both Grew Up With Silver Spoons By My Standards

With America going to hell in a hand basket... what's with all the kerfuffle in the news of late regarding which candidate: Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama grew up the most privileged... or had the longest or shortest silver spoon in their mouths?  

Talk about 'distraction'.  From my vantage point and by anybody's standards, they have both lived... and continue to live better than most Americans. 

Let's do the comparisons.  

Both are pretty boys who have gotten over in life as a result of their good looks.  (check)  [they kinda look alike if you ask me]

Neither one of them have ever lived one day in the 'hood or in poverty: Mitt reared in upper crust Bloomfield Hills, MI; Obama raised in exotic Hawaii.  (check)  [can we say bourgeois lifestyles all of their lives???]

Mitt and Obama were educated at Universities that most kids in America can't get into... can't afford... and that most parents only get to dream about for their kids. (check)  [and neither one of them had to rely on an athletic scholarship to go to those UniversitiesPul-eeze!] 

Both had doors opened to them because of their access to the power people and powerful networks in their respective circles. (check)  [don't even let me start naming names from both of their Who's-who buddy lists... geesh]

Romney and Barack both have (or present) the 'picture-perfect' all-American family model: married to powerful women, without divorces and with no baby-mama drama; beautiful and well-mannered, perfect-acting kids/grandkids; own big house(s); both wrote books and make lots and lots of money; and of course they own a dog! (check)  [c'mon... it don't get much better than that, huh?]

And finally, both of them are used to/accustomed to lackey's catering to them... and being large and in charge, as both have had the privilege (all of their lives) of being groomed for the successes that they now... and have always enjoyed. (check) (check) (check)

Nope. I don't see a nickles-worth of difference in either one of them.  Compared to most lives in regular America, they both have silver spoons hanging out of their lips!

So, Romney and Obama stop bamboozling us Americans with the: "I'm more like you than my opponent is" conversation... You can't fool the electorate with that one. For, everybody knows it's hyperbole

Now if you will... just get real 'fellas, and talk about some real issues that affect us peones out here... like: jobs, gas prices, taxes, Obama/RomneyCare, how to unite this country, etc. 

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