Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney vs Obama: Pimp-Slapped Big Time!

Governor Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican contender for the office of President of the United States, brought his "A through Z" game to the first presidential debate.  Without a doubt, Mitt took it straight to the 44th President in a way that not only rocked the Obama-suck-up-media, but also seemed to obviously stun Obama.

Romney finally took off his gentleman mittens after the first 7-minutes into the debate.  First, he slyly disarmed the president with the nice gesture of wishing he, and Lady Michelle, a 'happy anniversary'. (Psych)  

After delivering that one––and only polite exchange of the night... old Mitt commenced to whuppin' on Obama's head for the remainder of the 90-minute broadcast... as the world watched. 

In the 'hood and across bread basket America... Obama's creds have been totally annihilated.  How can he hold his head up and expect any respect as a leader after taking a drubbing like THAT... from a straight-laced nerd like Romney?

Even his buddy, Chris Matthews of MSNBC, couldn't believe that the 1st Black U.S. President... the leader of the free world... the great Obama... couldn't stand toe-to-toe with Mitt?  But instead Obama spent the bulk of the evening with his head down... would not make eye contact... smirked and winced like a Beta male and not like the strong warrior he had been touted as in the media... for years. 

Say what you will about Romney.  Whether his facts were inaccurate, full of lies, exaggerations, falsehoods, or not... that is all irrelevant at this juncture.  Because the first debate for many, has formed this lasting first impression: that Obama is weak.

Nope...the Independents, undecideds, and fence-sitting voters will NEVER forget––nor forgive what they saw on October 3, 2012.  They will not evah get it out of their heads between now and November 6th, how Obama let Mitt Romney pimp-slap on national T.V. without resistance!!

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