Monday, March 5, 2012


Rush Limbaugh
The controversy surrounding Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh now enters another week... a week that may be critical to the  nationally syndicated shows survivability.  

Yes... a 7th advertiser has now canceled sponsorship on the show and Limbaugh's apology may not be enough to stave-off what appears to be a major money hemorrhage!

While David Frum did an excellent job framing the argument in a recent CNN opinion piece... the real fact of the matter is Rush was wrong! 

It is not funny, not cute, nor is it a laughing matter how women are increasingly being verbally assaulted in this country and It.MUST.Stop!  Rush saying he was just "joking" is not going to cut it.  Calling any woman a slut, the "B" word, a whore or any such derogative term... has no place in the public forum.

Rush knows the rules.  And this time, he went too far and crossed the line.  And so, his advertisers are right in doing what 3 of the four Republican candidates should also be doing––letting it be known that this type of behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. PERIOD!

President Barack Obama was spot-on in coming out to repudiate Rush for this assaultive language.  Any man with daughters, a wife, nieces, a mom, or a girlfriend should be offended by such crude comments... and be man enough to say so!

So what are you waiting for Newt, Mitt and Rick? Denounce Rush Limbaugh for this one, as the backlash from women voters may come back to bite you later. 

UPDATE : AOL joins list of advertisers to abandon Rush Limbaugh!!!

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