Monday, February 27, 2012

Burning Down The White House Is Not A Joke!

When those in the Islamic community make a "threat"... unlike many of us in the West... they generally mean what they say and are committed to carry out their threats by-any-means-necessary.

That is why this latest Islamic threat to "burn down the White House" as compensation for the Koran burnings by U.S. troops in Afghanistan last week, should not be taken lightly by Americans.   

Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, seemed to be channeling this threat during his recent comments at the Nation of Islam's Annual Founder's Day, in  which he suggested an assassination plot against Obama might involve a "patsy," a person set up to take the blame for a broader conspiracy.
"I believe they want a Muslim to kill President Obama," Minister Farrakhan said.   []
Words have meanings! And in these very tense and volatile times in America, Israel, Iran, and the entire Middle East, threatening to burn down the White House is not a joking matter. 

I admit, I don't agree with many of the policies of this President and his Administration, and... would love to see my personal friend, Speaker Newt Gingrich––yes even with all his imperfections–– sworn in as the 45th President of the United States in 2013.  But, there are some threats that cannot be allowed to stand.  And threatening to burn down the people's house...the White House or threatening to assassinate the President of the United States... whoever he or she is... crosses the line for me! 

So, come on President Obama.  Stop apologizing and stand up to those who wish to do us––and YOU–– serious harm. These people are NOT playing.

President Obama needs to call one of those press conferences (post haste), and in no uncertain terms say something to the effect that if anything happens to the people's White House while he is President:
"We're gonna hunt you down"... and "smoke them out of their holes".  [President George W. Bush]

And that conversation needs to happen within the next few days!  Because  Americans will not tolerate outside forces threatening us... and will not tolerate a leader who allows us to be threatened without rebuttal and follow through retaliation.  Get on your game, Mr. Obama!



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