Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gov. Romney: Cease with your character assassination!

If the only playbook/path to the oval office Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, has is character assassination of his fellow GOP rivals... then he needs to pack-up-his-tent and go home NOW.  Does he really think the die-hard supporters of those Republican candidates [Palin, Cain, Gingrich, Perry, Bachman, and Huntsman] that he, and his team, have maligned, attacked, smeared, and just out right desecrated, will enthusiastically go knock on doors and tell their family, and friends, to go vote for him this Fall?  I mean... REALLY... does he???  

After getting the stuffing kicked out of him in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado during those State's recent caucuses, Romney has now set his sights on the new target: Senator Rick Santorum.

What? Does he not have a "track record" he can run on? Can he not articulate to the voting public his five-step or 10-step plan to turn this nation around... should he be elected?  Is his only game plan that of scorched-earth, leave no-man-standing tactics?  Well, as his favorable ratings continue plummeting, maybe he will realize that he's turning the masses off with that strategy.

In case his kitchen cabinet, political advisers haven't told him... the American people want to know what he will do to jump-start this economy? How he plans to massage the disgruntled business leaders... and also bring small business owners to the table to create some JOBS in America?  What is his position on Obamacare and what specifically he will do to repeal it––beginning day One!?!  

We in the heartland and bread-basket towns of this nation don't give a care about who Herman Cain supposedly 'hit on' or made a pass at, or whether Newt Gingrich got a check 15 years ago from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Jimmy Sue or Timmy Lee either for that matter.  Tell us what you are going to do!!

Stop tearing other folks down and... call off his malignant Super-Pac.  For the next few months, he needs to spend this valuable time on the national stage telling the voters what HE will do to help us GET.THIS.NATION.BACK.ON.TRACK. PERIOD!!

So, to Governor Romney, if you want to be the big man in hopes of leading this great nation, then demonstrate that behavior in your political dealings. Cease with your character assassination!

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