Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL vs White House: Send All Rookies Packing

Let's take a look at the "foolery" of the 2012 NFL season's replacement Referee debacle and compare it to the Obama Administration today.  

When have we ever seen so many botched calls on the field as we have witnessed of late in this White House and on ESPN? 

Time won't permit complete elaboration.  But let me just say the 9/11 travesties occurring at the U.S. embassies in Libya and Egypt, refusing a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, but time to party with Bouncy and Jay-Z... coupled with the circus atmosphere of the recent Monday night Seahawks vs the Packers football game will go down in history as utter U.S. incompetence on display of epic proportions!

It is no secret that these replacement referees–– like our president, Barack Obama–– were mistakenly thrust into the limelight and have been placed in positions where it is obvious they are in over their heads, are inexperienced, and are making ill-advised calls and rulings... the outcomes of which will result in long lasting negative effects for years to come.

Also, it's safe to say that because of the amateurishness lurking throughout the Office of the President and.... because of the sheer lack-of-skills on display by these replacement 'refs'... that the perception of America's greatness, plus what's left of any integrity to the game of football are now in question.

Americans aren't we still a proud people who detest being embarrassed or relegated to a joke or to National––and yes, International laughing stock status?  

My hope is that sooner-rather-than-later we will send all rookies packing and let's get back to Reality!

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