Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tampa Bound! What Romney Must Do... *wink*wink*

2012 Race to the White House = Slime Ball Politics

All roads, trails, highways and back alley-ways lead to Tampa Florida for the coronation of Willard Mitt Romney as the official 2012 Republican Presidential candidate.  

His final push to the White House will actually begin in earnest on day-1 of the convention. And––remember you heard it here first–––"he will need to bathe 10x per day through Inaugural Day 2013... in bleach and Ajax soap to get rid of the stench and for what he will have to say and do to counter the onslaught of negativity needed to win this election".  

He can forget the gentleman's-rules-of-engagement customarily used in the political arena. Nope! He had better be prepared to engage in brass-knuckles-street-fighting where the last man standing takes it all!

President Barack Obama's team will indeed bring a gun to this knife fight.  And if Romney doesn't think that team Obama plans to do to him exactly what TourĂ©  was directed to introduce to the general public on MSNBC last week... "Niggerize him" where he won't even recognize his former self when it's all over... then he is in for a new awakening.

Yes... the final slimy, sewage-filled distance to the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is ON!  

Romney would do himself, and the nation, a favor by putting his crisp, Oxford button-down shirt, every hair in place, blue-blood, all-American-boy image in a box for the next two months.  Yep! He should wrap his mind NOW around  becoming the punch-throwing, no holds barred, in-Yo-face, one-line-Zinger-delivering, take-no-prisoners, smack-down-Kings in the persons of Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump!  

Wink*Wink*: That's if he really plans to take back the White House... and save this nation!!!!

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