Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Romney vs Obama: The Optics Say It All!

Everyone knows that in today's culture... optics/ eyeballs/what-you-see-as-the-backdrop says it all.

So, here you have two men: President Barack Obama and Presidential-hopeful, Mitt Romney, pictured above.

Both of them stage visits to the SAME region of the nation (breadbasket America) within a five day period.

Both take pictures to present their image/vision of what America will look like the next four years depending on which one of them win the election in the Fall.

Okay.  So look at Mitt Romney's photo.  They capture him in the midst of green cornfields. Wow! Where in the heck did he find green cornfields in the midst of this horrible drought???

His walking through the fields with a yellow corn cob in his hand optically says: growth, new life, abundance, fresh harvest and a vibrant United States of America is on the horizon if you pick me.

Now look at President Obama. Standing up talking/speechifying behind a lectern. What was his  team thinking about??

By placing him in front of a dry, parched, dying, withered cornfield says to the American people: barrenness, unproductiveness, no future, life.less.ness, and a dead, bleak America if you re-elect me.

If I were Romney, I would run these photos as a campaign ad everyday through November 2012... with this one sentence caption:

Romney vs Obama: The Optics Say It All!

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