Monday, June 11, 2012

Romney Camp Outraise The Obama Camp In May

If the old saying: "money is the mother's milk of politics" has any merit, then last week's Romney vs Obama money duel is a clear indication of how this 2012 presidential election will go down.

It was reported that GOP nominee, Gov. Romney and the GOP raised more than $76 million last month––compared to President Obama and the DNC's paltry $60 million. Read more:

That's a 16 MILLION DOLLAR spread in just one month!  Not to mention how the Gov. Scott Walker Wisconsin recall massacre showed how Republicans and Tea Party supporters contributed and outspent the opposition 7-to-1 in that race. 

So, let me compare recent news items while calculating some math equations for the record here: 

The Jews have shut their purses to Obama because of his Muslim-leaning policies against Israel, while  Romney has picked up an unprecedented 29% of Jewish vote.

"Republican Jewish Coalition pointed out that the 29 percent of Jewish voters who back Romney is the “highest level of Jewish support for a Republican presidential candidate in 24 years.”

Wall Street residents are turning to Romney in record numbers, as many feel he will be more business-friendly and implement economically feasible growth-stimulating practices than the Obama administration.
Wall Street ditches Obama, backs Romney.  Headline 5/29/2012

Well now... that brings us to one of the largest voting blocs in the Democratic party: Black people and Brown people [African Americans and Hispanics].   

Gone are the days of those $25 dollar-per-week donations in 2008 to the Obama campaign. With unemployment at close to 20% among Black people and around 11% for Hispanics... these two groups are in survival mode... just trying to keep gas in the cars and food on the table.

And... quiet as it's been kept... there won't be any more billions of dollars coming in from many of those leaders who  *wink-wink*, nod-nodded their support for the black brother in 2008 (i.e. Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Assad and others).  

No... I can't envision those deposed leaders' supporters from the Middle East who––as it has been rumored and widely reported on–– funneled money to the Obama campaign using gift cards, credit cards and other such vehicles to assure his election. They won't be too eager to contribute again this year. Read:

So... I can see how it's quite possible that a 16 MILLION DOLLAR donation gap has occurred between the Romney and Obama camps.  

From my vantage point, and substantiated by these documented calculations, this funding deficit for the President may be his new normal through out this election cycle.  

Enquiring minds will be looking!

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