Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let Newt Speak! Gingrich Needs Speaking Slot At GOP Confab

Say what you will about former Speaker of the House, and 2012 Presidential contender Newt Gingrich, he is one of the most brilliant minds of our times. 

His ability to frame the national political debate and articulate his key points in a simple, in-'yo-face conversation that even a political 'dummy' can understand, makes him a stand-out!  

It's true... Gingrich has been castigated by the main stream media for his brutal and frank attacks on President Obama's record and his policies. And, some have even gone so far as to call him a 'racist' for his shrewd double entendre label which continues to stick to President Barack Obama as America's first "food stamp President"

That's all a part of the rough-n-tumble of American politics. But all-in-all... Speaker Gingrich has the spine to call-out dumb stuff for what it is... and he is not afraid to take on those tough issues that many politicians––for fear of being perceived as not being politically correct––shy away from dealing with.

Case in point. His recent public support of Sarah Palin as a  prime time speaker at the upcoming National Republican Convention, surely didn't gain him any brownie-points with the GOP old guard, who wishes she would go away. But he said it anyway. Good for him!

And to top that off... being the no-holds-barred 'Newt' that he is... he didn't stop there!  Gingrich went a bit further and has ticked off the Democrats big-time by declaring that choosing President Bill Clinton as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Democratic Convention would just further remind Americans: 

"that Obama really is a failed left-wing president with high unemployment, high deficits, huge regulatory policies and a very, very bad foreign policy."  Newt Gingrich 7/30/2012

Who else on the GOP landscape has the nerve to say something like that but a Newt Gingrich???

It is the hope of many Americans that old Newt will get a prime-time speaking role at the upcoming GOP convention in Tampa.  Like it or not, people listen to him because in spite of all his faults, warts, and shortcomings, one thing is for sure... he won't bite his tongue and he will tell the American people just like it 'TIS!

Let Newt speak!!!!

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  1. Once again Vivian, awesome! Keep these coming and don't pull ANY punches


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