Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Romney Speaks To NAACP? OK Obama, Show Your Stuff. Go On Hannity!

President Barack Obama and GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney

You have to give it to presumptive GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, he doesn't appear to be taking any voting bloc––in this upcoming election––for granted.  His appearance at the Annual National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
attests to that very fact.

He's got to have some cajones to accept, and then proceed to attend one of the oldest and largest U.S. assemblies of Black people. Especially when one considers what Romney will be up against.  

First off. It's no secret that African Americans by and large, aren't head-over-heels in love with the Republican party.  And, (tongue in cheek) many feel the Tea Party movement members are first cousins to the KKK and the Aryan nation.

Next... Governor Mitt and Ann Romney are dead-ringers for what too many Blacks view as the "typical white American prototype": Mitt = the Ken doll (financially rich, dark hair, blue eyes, muscular/fit/trim, powerful, possesses all of trappings of success).   And his wife, Ann = the quintessential Barbie doll (blond, beautiful, constant display of proper etiquette––both in dress and demeanor, and... not to forget... RICH)

And lastly... he is knowingly walking into an Obama-lovefest to address a crowd of people who worship and adore President Obama.  AND few––if any–– will vote for a Republican come November, no matter what he promises or says at the NAACP convention.

But I have to admit... I really didn't think Romney would attend.  So I confess and stand corrected!  And, I'm even willing to go one step further and take my hat off to him for having the courage to go courting the Black vote in this non-typical forum.  

With that said... let me put this challenge out there to President Obama.   Mr. President... you could really impress lots of Independent voters if you would follow Romney's bold lead.   Between now, and the election, you should show your cajones by agreeing to go on Sean Hannity's Fox News television show to demonstrate that you, too, can hold your own and aren't afraid of speaking in a non-typical forum.

If Romney can do it... You can do it. What say you Mr. President??? The challenge is on!!

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