Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nobody Gives A Flying Flip About Bain

Is it me... or what?  But the 2012 campaign season is in full bloom... yet all we voters are being bombarded with is stuff that has NOTHING to do with how we are going to survive and save America.  

In all due respect Mr. President, the majority of Americans, Black, white, Hispanic and other.... want you to know this:

Nobody gives a flying flip when, what day, year or month... or under what circumstances Mitt exited Bain Capital! Give that argument a rest, as it will not change the stature one iota for the countless citizens who are trying to go to work... or who are currently looking for jobs, and can't find one TODAY! 

Neither do the masses in this country care if Mitt releases his tax returns for 1 year or 25 years.  We all know he is a Kazillionaire––and guess what? Most folks in America (especially those who play the State lotteries everyday, or who go to the casinos with their last lucky dollar, or the ones who gamble it all by starting small businesses in hopes of being the next Mr. Buffett) would give their eye teeth just to be a mere millionaire like you and Michelle... and Mitt and Ann.  

No. As long as Romney didn't get his money from raping our national tax coffers... so what! Big deal. That's his money... that's his business.  Ain't nobody mad at him!

And, another thing. No one cares if Mitt parks his wealth in Swiss accounts, German banks or in a Timbuktu hole-in-the ground.  What inquiring minds want to know is what he will do to assure that U.S. banks will remain solvent and that loans and other capital will be made available for our kids and grandkids' future.

And finally... Mr. President. Tell your campaign staff:  So what if Mitt Romney, during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts signed a State law allowing its citizens healthcare coverage that their State lawmakers and taxpayers agreed would be best for their State.  That was that "State's" prerogative.  The operative word here is STATE!

But for you, Mr. President, and the Congress to mandate a national tax–– under the title of Affordable Care Act... a/k/a Obamacare––that now forces all Americans to purchase healthcare... and this new tax will be enforced by the Federal government... encroaches on State's rights. The American people are up in arms about it, as they don't want to be told what they have to buy in a free democracy  

So... when you combine all the above––along with the fact that your campaign team fails to tell us how you deserve four more years as CEO––that is what will more than likely cost you the White House come November.


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